Church Leadership

Pastors, Elders and Deacons
Back: Church Secretary: Gary Taylor. Deacons: Hannah Scalco, Brett Beaumont, Ian Joyce, Johann Combrink, Fabion Nell, Graham Anderson, Brett le Roux, Danny Mwitanti, Warren Diamandis, Sharon Lynch. Front: Elders: Kenneth McPherson, Steve Smith, Clive Teubes, Keith Westberg, Vernon Wessels, Gavin Wood, Ian Fraser, Glen Thompson.
  • Senior Pastor:
    Gavin Wood
  • Pastor of Care and Community:
    Ian Fraser
  • Pastor of Worship & Christian Education:
    Glen Thompson
  • Youth Pastor:
    Keith Westberg
  • Elders:
    (Our Elders and Deacons are nominated and voted for by the members, according to the Biblical qualities described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1)
    Steve Smith
    Clive Teubes
    Vernon Wessels
    Kenneth McPherson
  • Deacons:
    Graham Anderson
    Brett Beaumont
    Johann Combrink
    Warren Diamandis
    Ian Joyce
    Brett le Roux
    Sharon Lynch
    Danny Mwitanti
    Fabion Nell
    Hannah Scalco