Tshepo Community Initiative


“Tshepo” means hope. This is a project to uplift the local community, which we are involved in together with other Churches in our area. Here are some of the areas of the initiative:

Windsor Aftercare

Over 60 primary school children are given homework assistance, counseling, computer literacy, books, games and one meal per day by the NG Kerk Linden Park. There are three teachers and a cook/cleaner.

Vegetable Garden and Organic Composting

An agricultural tunnel was donated by Tracker for growing veggies, including an irrigation system which is a far cry from the previous structure we had. We make our own compost and no chemicals are used at the moment. What started as a Soup Kitchen has become more than just a handout, with the development of the food garden and the job creation project.

Find out more about Tshepo here.