Introducing Christian identity and the process of change

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Have you ever stopped to think about how important your self-perception” is?

OK, then have you then gone a step further, and listened to the various voices which are trying to have a seat at the table of building your self-perception? The issue of identity is really important.

We live in a time where we are grasping for “labels on how to identify ourselves, because these labels (good or bad) give us some stability in an ever-changing world. Everything keeps changing especially our social norms, and most of us are eager for acceptance and worth.

I firmly believe that the process of self-identification (“who am I?”) is getting harder, as the labels we use are increasing. For example, society no longer believes in just two genders. Facebook allows you to choose from 58 genders or orientations. The changes start adding up!

With this identity flux in mind, I have created some teaching videos for the teen ministry to engage with. Two teaching series have come out of this. These series give an introduction to the need to understand identity from God’s perspective, and then build on to how you can begin a process of change.

There is more, a lot more, to the formation of Christian indentity, but this is a start.

The first teaching series makes a case for identity from God’s perspective, while the second teaching series explores some ways that we can participate in the change. If there are any questions that arise out of this, please email me at

To God be the glory!

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