Family Challenges in the Quarantine Life

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Five-time GRAMMY® nominee, and multiple ASCAP Christian Music Songwriter/Artist of the Year winner, Matthew West, recently got into a bit of trouble with his wife after writing one of his latest songs, QuarantineLife. On a post on his Facebook page he said “my wife is still mad about the lyrics in the 2nd verse”. He was referring to the lyrics that went … well … maybe I shouldn’t spoil it for you, you have a listen:

With this hilarious song Matthew and his family wish to bring some smiles and laughter to all the negativity, fear and uncertainty that millions are experiencing living this quarantine life. The song is fun, catchy (even my 3 year old enjoys singing the tune) and is jam-packed with memorable lyrics that are not just witty but also at times cringingly hysterical because they are so accurate and possibly embarrassingly relatable.

If you haven’t watched the song yet, stop reading this, click on the video above and have a good laugh before we get into some family challenging Quarantine life issues.  But don’t forget to come back as there are some more relateable and hit-the-nail-on-the-head truths.

Glad you’re back, onto an article that’s a little more serious where ‘thedaddude’ looks at challenges most families are facing during quarantine:

  1. Complexities of working from home
  2. Home-schooling
  3. Fewer social connections and fellowship opportunities
  4. A longing for the way things were
  5. A drain of our emotional wellness tanks
  6. A surge in screen time

Read the article, Quarantine Crazy: The 6 Struggles Most Families Are Facing, and send me some of your thoughts or feedback:

Grace and Peace

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