Tightrope Walking in your Circus at Home

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Does anyone else feel like your house is a bit like a circus at the moment and you’re the main performer? Sometimes you’re the juggler trying to keep all the balls up in the air, juggling your job, schoolwork, keeping a clean house, maintaining a health happy marriage and ensuring everyone is eating relatively nutritious meals. From time to time you’re the animal tamer trying to keep your kids from ripping each other apart. At other times you’re the clown trying to keep everyone entertained because when they get bored they tend to get up to mischief. And occasionally you’re the tightrope walker trying to maintain balance and keep everything from coming crashing down. Speaking about the tightrope walker, do you know why the lion ate him? He wanted a well-balanced meal!

In today’s article thedaddude talks about three important areas parents need to keep in balance during lockdown. These include: Co-functioning balanced by connection; routine balanced by variety and work balanced by replenishment. Here’s the article: 3 Tight-ropes Your Family Needs During Covid-19 

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Grace and Peace

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