Helping your Child Cope with their Emotions

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Can you believe Lockdown in South Africa began 159 days ago? Over this time we’ve all had to deal with a lot of uncertainty, change and a vast mixture of emotions:

  • Fear that yourself or a loved one may get sick or worse die;
  • Anxiety about losing your job or part of your salary;
  • Excitement about possible new opportunities;
  • Nostalgia of how life used to be before Covid-19;
  • Sadness over not being able to connect socially with friends or family;
  • Boredom of being stuck at home;
  • Joy at being able to experience things with your children that you would have missed out on if you had been at work;
  • Disgust with those who are breaking all the lockdown rules endangering themselves and others but a hint of Envy that they are continuing to enjoy things you can’t.

It’s not that we don’t normally experience these emotions but they seem heightened during this time. And this is not unique to those of us living in South Africa, it’s like there is this intensified emotional stain on people all over the world with deaths, protests, rioting, racial tensions, political upheaval, and violence.

This rollercoaster of emotions is taking its toll and many can’t wait to get off the ride before it veers of its rails.

Now imagine what our kids are going through? If adults are struggling how can we expect our little ones, who are less emotionally mature, to cope?

Holly Crawshaw, lead writer for Life Stage Strategies at Orange/The Rethink Group, shares 5 steps for parents to help their children to navigate their emotions and process what they are feeling in her article: Helping Your Kid Navigate Their 27 Different Emotions

I look forward to you sending me some of your thoughts or feedback:

Grace and Peace

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