Parents Don’t Neglect Discipleship

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Just like that and parenting has changed!

Standards and values we believed in and fought for in the past (and when I say in the past I mean way, way back in December 2019) have now been left behind for convenience sake. Behaviours parents strongly condemned are now some of the very things they are condoning and actually encouraging. Things like:

  • Allowing TV watching during week days
  • Permitting gaming until late at night
  • Tolerating multiple toys and games to be left lying all over the house without the need to be packed away before playing with new toys or games
  • Condoning of access to playing on mom or dads cell phones and ipads multiple times a day
  • Encouraging shortcuts in homework or projects just to get it done
  • Requesting kids to be seen but not heard
  • Restricting of asking of questions were there is lack of understanding of school work
  • Less discipline for bad behaviour

With all the challenges we as families are facing during lockdown (see article: Family Challenges in the Quarantine Life) parenting has changed, if only for a season, in order for the family unit to survive. And when I say for the family unit to survive what I really mean is to keep parents going crazy or selling their kids on gumtree.

One thing we as Christians, and especially dads, need to guard strongly and not allow to change is family discipleship. We have been commissioned by Jesus himself in Matthew 28:18-20 to make disciples in all the world, starting in our own homes. We as parents are responsible for the spiritual leadership in our families no matter what challenges we and the rest of the world are facing. Where how much time you allow your 9 year old to spend playing ‘Super Mario 3D World’ or how many hours of homework your 12 year old does comes down to your family principles or preferences, discipling your kids is non-negotiable for Christian parents. In fact it’s your most important parenting responsibility.

Read Adam Griffin’s article on family discipleship 10 Things You Should Know about Family Discipleship for some guidance on what to expect, what challenges we may face and its importance.

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Grace and Peace

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