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Have you ever walked into a Christian Book Store & wondered what to buy?

  • Is this a credible author or just a motivational speaker?
  • Will I be reading solid biblical writings or dodgy doctrines?
  • Is this the kind of book which will help me grow spiritually?
  • Are there better books on the topic?

Our theologically trained staff invest time every month scouring new publications and orders books which you can trust have a good message. The books range from pure theology to practical guides which help you “Do Life” as you and your family face the challenges of here and now. The books change every month with new titles, so keep visiting the Book table which is open after every service. You can purchase these in cash or use SnapScan to pay from your smart phone.


Our library is well stocked with hundreds of books, including some donated by previous pastors.  The titles vary from theological academic volumes to insights on parenting, missions, counselling and life’s problems and its passions. The books are catalogued and sequenced by topic on the shelves.  There is no complicated library card system – you need only complete the details of the titles you are taking out in our book-out-book. You are welcome to pop into the Church during the week whilst the office is open (over and above Sunday Services) to grab a book and help grow you spiritually and at no cost!

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