Meet the team

The Little Ones

Northcliff Union has a passion for investing into the lives of our young people. Our children & teens ministries welcome all children from birth through to the end of school.  Our mandate is to guide them to the place where they accept Jesus Christ as Saviour, and commit to following Him. Our process is to make it fun and engaging – relevant to their specific age.


  • The Nursery caters for newborns to 12 months, where parents can watch the service on TV in a dedicated facility with comfortable chairs, a changing station, breast-feeding area, sleep room, with toys and books, & coffee for parents.
  • The Toddlers’ Class (age 1-3) is unique from floor to ceiling, with great activities, and teachers available from 09h00 to develop the little ones with physical activities, creative work, singing and story time.
  • From age 4 upwards, we have age-appropriate Children’s Church classes at 09h00, where we provide weekly lessons from a curriculum that systematically runs through the Bible. By the time the children move to Teen Church, they would have gone through the Bible three times! This helps us raise a Bible literate generation with a genuine relational love for Jesus Christ and His Word.


  • The Youth evening programme for high schoolers starts at 19h30, and provides an opportunity to develop a sense of belonging, and grow together as Teens while they interact during fun activities, socials and outings.


  • The Northcliff Union Holiday Club has a reputation for being the most fun of the year, with a large number of grades 1-7 being led by our Teens and Young Adults in energetic song, action plays, comedy and relationship time. Not to be missed!

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