Meet the team

Celebrating Community with our World

Northcliff Union serves the community in many practical ways.  As part of our body, you are encouraged to make use of your God given gifts and skills to be part of one or more of these precious ministries to our community and join in with ordinary people doing extra-ordinary work in the Northcliff Community and surrounds!

Social Development

  • Food Parcels to provide immediate relief for families in dire circumstances
  • Prisons ministry to bring a message of hope & forgiveness to prisoners and their families
  • Community Care to collect, repair and distribute used clothing to the needy, including smart clothes for a job interview.
  • Social Work services to assist families through abuse and other trauma

Tshepo Community Development Initiative

Collaborating with other churches in the area, we have combined resources to establish a registered non-profit organization, which focusses on:

  • Feeding the hungry approximately 150 homeless people 3 x per week
  • Micro business development to help launch entrepreneurial ventures in the local community
  • Aftercare for latchkey children to advance beyond their parents’ level of education

Life Support Groups

Open to members of the community are support groups hosted after hours at Northcliff Union Church to address life issues in the following areas:

  • Addictions step programs for sex and narcotics dependency
  • Depression and anxiety

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