Meet the team


Pastor Gavin Wood
Senior Pastor


Senior Pastor’s Message

I have been the senior pastor at Northcliff Union Church for over a decade and I thank God for His goodness!

I encourage you and your family to visit our Church. Northcliff Union is a place where people are able to meet together, learn from the Word of God, and worship Jesus Christ on common ground – in spite of different backgrounds!  Established in 1952, Northcliff Union Church has become a spiritual home for people in Northcliff and surrounding areas.

As a union church, we are inter-denominational, independent and evangelical.  We hope you will find all the information you need to know about Northcliff Union Church and we encourage you to visit us. I hope to meet you in person at one of our Sunday services soon.

Pastor Andrew Franks
Youth Pastor


Andrew will oversee all our programs targeting the under 35 groups. These incorporate Friday evening programs for kids and teens, Children’s Church and Teen Church on Sundays, Young Adults groups and our evening services. Northcliff Union’s focus on the next generation starts with a Cradle Roll during pregnancy and extends to a Nursery and Toddler facility, with age-specific programs into adulthood.

Elders & Deacons


Gavin Wood, Andrew Franks, Clive Durston

Chris Matchett, Dale Connock



Graham Anderson, Warren Diamandis, Sharon Lynch, Hannah Scalco, Aldrin Beyer,

 Alison le Roux, Rodger Osmond, Martin Koch, Sarie van der Westuizen

Belinda Huntley, Daniel Hamman

  • Senior Pastor:  Gavin Wood
  • Youth Pastor: Andrew Franks
  • Operations Manager: Alastair Dry
  • Elders:  (Our Elders and Deacons are nominated and voted for by the members, according to the Biblical qualities described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1)
  • Gavin Wood
  • Andrew Franks
  • Clive Durston
  • Chris Matchett
  • Dale Connock
  • Deacons:
  • Graham Anderson
  • Warren Diamandis
  • Sharon Lynch
  • Hannah Scalco
  • Aldrin Beyer
  • Alison le Roux
  • Rodger Osmond
  • Martin Koch
  • Sarie van der Westhuizen
  • Daniel Hamman
  • Belinda Huntley

Warren has served in Children’s ministries at Scripture Union, Rosebank Union Church and for 3 years at Christian Summer Camps in the USA. He oversees all Children’s ministries at Northcliff Union Church, including IMPACT on Fridays, supervised homework during the week, and Children’s Church on Sundays.

Warren Diamandis
Children’s Worker

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