Meet the team


Pastor Andrew Franks
Associate Pastor


Andrew oversees all our programs targeting the under 35 groups. These incorporate Friday evening programs for kids and teens, Children’s Church and Teen Church on Sundays, Young Adults groups and our evening services. Northcliff Union’s focus on the next generation starts with a Cradle Roll during pregnancy and extends to a Nursery and Toddler facility, with age-specific programs into adulthood.

Elders & Deacons


 Andrew Franks, Clive Durston

Chris Matchett, Dale Connock, Danny Mwitanti



Alison le Roux, Sarie van der Westuizen

Belinda Huntley, Daniel Hamman

  • Associate Pastor: Andrew Franks
  • Operations Manager: Alison le Roux
  • Elders:  (Our Elders and Deacons are nominated and voted for by the members, according to the Biblical qualities described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1)
  • Andrew Franks
  • Clive Durston
  • Chris Matchett
  • Dale Connock
  • Danny Mwitanti
  • Deacons:
  • Alison le Roux
  • Sarie van der Westhuizen
  • Daniel Hamman
  • Belinda Huntley

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