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I was seeking the Lord’s wisdom for direction on who Northcliff Union Church should reach next as we celebrate community with Jesus Christ. It was then that I listened to the President’s last speech when he addressed the Nation and was quite moved by his speech particularly when he addressed the Nation on the violence being inflicted on the women and children of our country. This touched my heart dearly!
It was then that a shelter came to mind. It is a shelter in Pretoria that cares for abused women and children. The reality of the crisis was made more clear when I made contact with the people who oversee the shelter. They have taken in alot of abused women and children over the past couple of months.
As a result, thanks to the support of NUC, friends, and family we managed to reach out to ‘Youth For Survival.’ It was an amazing privilege to demonstrate the love of Christ to hurting and broken women. We are reminded that “The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those whose spirits have been crushed” (Psalm 34:18).
Thanks to the ladies at NUC (Linette & Jenifer Walton, Ine Du Plessis, and Michelle Jogannah) who did a great job in ministering to these women at the shelter by serving and sharing God’s Word with them. May we continue to look through the eyes of Jesus, see what He saw, do what He did, and serve as He served.
Stanton Jogannah

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