The term “young adults” covers many different stages of life, enough so that there can be a surprising lack of commonality between the various people. This spectrum includes people of the same age who are studying and working, dating and being single, newly married and parenting two children. The diversity is incredible. The primary way of discipling is by forming meaningful relationships for people to recognise what is shared. What are those areas of commonality? They need to know God’s love and forgiveness; the need to make sense of an ever-changing world; the need to growing into a Christ-like identity amidst a multi-cultural and everything goes society.

There are three avenues to choose from:

  1. A student group which meets every Tuesday for an online collaborative Bible study. There is a two-fold emphasis, (i) on grappling with God’s word, and (ii) doing it as a community. The label “student” group can be misleading, and is more to convey a rough age grouping without being too restrictive. A married couple is part of the community, contributing to their support and life experience. If you are interested, please email Andrew Franks at
  2. A cell group that meets on Tuesday evenings, aimed at working and new-family young adults. The primary aim is to support each other through life’s difficulties and help each other grow spiritually through fellowship and teaching. For more info, please email
  3. Finally, our evening service on a Sunday night is a perfect place for meaningful relationships to form. Following on the same pattern as the Student group, the people who attend this streaming group vary in age and maturity, which allows for a faith-sharing and forming community. It is communities which are multi-generational where true discipleship happens, so please check this out! If you are interested, please email Andrew Franks at

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